Announcing Leaderboard

I’m pleased to announce Leaderboard, a simple competition management service that helps organizers score their event. It’s my first product and I hope that it’s something that useful to competition organizers.

The basic feature set allows you as organizer to setup your event, specifying basic details (name, description, dates) and matches (the sub-events like Workout 1) and athletes to sign-up for your event. You then add scores and it updates the leaderboard in realtime. The best part is that you get to demo all these features before you buy and when you choose to buy, it takes about 2 minutes. It’s really painless!

I saw the need for it when one of the owners of my CrossFit box came to me about building something similar. I thought, there’s got to be something like this already built! Turns out, there wasn’t! I took a look at the field, and the options were pretty poor. There’s some existing options, but they were either pretty primitive, had an amazing lead time between ordering and setup, or a non-functional demo. I decided that I would build a basic competition manager that was really easy to try and to buy. No need to contact me, setup is non-existent.

Of course, please do contact me! If you have questions you’d like answered before buying, send me an email at my name (noelherrick) at (sorry for the confusing format, gotta avoid those spammers!). If you do choose to buy, I know that this product is in its beginning stages, and I’d like to get feedback from paying customers about what they’d like to see in the product.

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