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Tiny happy features in MySQL

I love it when software gives you elegant ways of solving your problem. Programming language designers make me feel like they care when they take the time to include succinct, powerful expressions. I’ve recently discovered some in new things in

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Inner vs. Outer Joins

I want to teach you the difference between an inner and an outer join. We first need to think about what a join is. Simply, it’s when you combine two tables to make a new one. You’re not physically creating

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3 rules for naming things in your database

They say there are two hard things in software development: cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors. Even though it seems like a simple thing, naming tables, columns, and stored procedures is hard when designing a SQL database. There are

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Designing Multi-Tenanted Databases – Hierarchies

In the previous article, we learned how you can design your database schema so that many customers can share one database and one set of tables. The examples I used were fairly simple: they consisted of single tables or simple

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MySQL vs. SQL Server

A new company often means new responsibilities and learning new ways of doing things. For a tech guy, it often means picking up a new framework or maybe if you are a glutton for punishment, a new language. I recently

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