The Best of Both Worlds


Chiang Mai Update:

Every week I’m more in love with Chiang Mai. It’s so safe, so quaint, so delicious, so beautiful, and so full of people wanting to be your friend.  The Thais I’ve met are so quiet, sensitive, and smiley by culture that I’m endeared to the refugees in even the hardest of situations.

Our students are working hard at their phonics, and many have improved greatly in their pronunciation. Check out my facebook page for a video of this little guy teaching his classmates all the sounds of each letter:



Phuket Update:

For the past week us three amigos have been in the South of Thailand on an island soaking up the sun and warm water.

We are here for Katie’s freediving competition. She competed in the event of swimming under water while holding her breath, and won at a distance of 105 meters! She is this year’s American women’s record holder in this event. You can see a video of her whole swim on my facebook page.

We also visited some islands outside of Phuket famous for their beauty: Koh Phi Phi Don, Phi Phi Leh, and Kai Nok Island.

IMG_1309 IMG_1217 IMG_1284 IMG_1257 IMG_1220

Jungle Update:


Tomorrow we are going in for a month to meet our new students for the year long leadership program. We may not have internet access for that month, but you should be hearing from me again in early November.

Please pray for our students this year. Pray that God would use what we teach them for good. Their situation is very complex culturally and we are outsiders who don’t understand their needs very well. Check out my other blog for a short history of the school.

Love you all. Thanks for keeping in touch.