Leaving the familiar

Golden spire in Chiang Mai

I am moving to Thailand. It’s not every day that people leave the comforts of America to live in a developing country that’s so different. It’s a big leap, and I’m a little anxious about it. Already, we’ve moved out of our house, moved in with my parents for a spell, sold a car, put our stuff in other people’s garages, and quit our jobs. We’re ending our life here in Boise, for a time. Just as I see our life in Boise, Idaho fading away, there’s a new image of our life in Chiang Mai: the apartment, the scooter, the volunteer work,┬áthe language classes that sit there, waiting for us.

My wife Hannah and I are living in Thailand to teach English and computer skills as volunteers. We’ll teach people who are often overlooked by national governments and international media who live in very rural areas in the jungle. Hannah’s a schoolteacher by trade, so you might say this is her forte. I, on the other hand, talk to computers all day, so I will need to learn just a much as I teach. When we’re not in the jungle, we’ll work those organizations in Chiang Mai that can use our skill sets. Hannah will probably teach at after school programs that keep kids off the streets (and away from those would enslave them), or help with PR or administration for anti-trafficking organizations. I’m tentatively committed to writing backend software for an organization that fights government oppression of ethnic minorities.

Our flight is soon, on August 20th. Most of our logistical puzzle pieces have been put together by Hannah with a little help from me. We’ll settle into our new apartment and head out to the jungle after a few weeks (going to Phuket first). In about a year, we’re planning to head home, but perhaps our stay will be longer. We’re ready to begin this new life. If you’re interested in reading updates or seeing pictures of our travels, please subscribe.

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